Watershed College

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Kisset Chirengendi

Watershed is built on the fine achievements of the past and the College owes its very rich tradition to the founding parents and students.

Class of 2003, I spent 2 of my last high school years doing the Diploma in Agriculture Course which I passed with a couple of distinctions in Business Management.

This was an amazing, unforgettable experience and I would say the various practical weeks (we would spend 2 weeks at a time on a farm, winery or automobile repair company) possibly readied me more than the others for the real world. I was fortunate enough to be one of the 12 College Prefects in my upper school year. I played first team rugby.

I then went to Hartbury College in England to study a BA in Agriculture Business Management, midway through I changed both the university and course to study my other passion and obtained a BA in Sport Business Management from Leeds Beckett University. While playing club rugby I tore all my knee ligaments and damaged the peroneal nerve in my right leg. This left me unable to weight bare for several months and with no movement in my foot for 2 years. (Several surgeries would follow after that and I'm still to have my ACL done when I feel I'm ready to go back in the theatre room).

All of a sudden I couldn't train, work out and play the sport I so dearly loved and that was starting to affect me mentally. To help cope with the effects I decided to start Kyros Sports. It started off as a blog then moved to helping talented kids get sports scholarships to what it has evolved to be now, a developing full bouquet Sports Management firm.

We have the best bunch of guys in the Kyros Sports team and I wouldn't swop these guys for anyone else- most of this has to do with the fact that 95% of them are staunch Old Owls who continue to deliver that "who are we"? "what are we"? "MAGIC" !!! mantra. We certainly have a big desire to give back to our Alma Mater and as we prosper so should Shed. We shall Overcome!! Ex Arduis Florio Gombora- G-Side Sharks rule!!