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Watershed Workers day Alpha Leo Club | 12 May 2021

As Watershed Alpha Leo Club we chose to stand by the workers, appreciating them through acts of service and showing them some love on this special day.

Up cycling club | 10 May 2021

Up cycling club is a new club at Watershed

Book Donations | 10 May 2021

Sunningdale Book donations Report

Music Department Highlights | 6 May 2021

2021 has been kind to the Watershed College music department despite the Covid pandemic

Young for the Elderly | 27 April 2021

The Hibiscus Dotage Foundation (HDF) is a non-profit organization founded by a Watershed College Upper 6 student, Panashe Pemhiwa

Earth Day article: Environmental Management Club | 22 April 2021

Today we, as Watershed College, get to join over 1 billion people world over in celebrating Earth Day.

Servant Leaders’ Dinner | 20 April 2021

Speech by Head Girl, Panashe Beta

Leader’s Inauguration Ceremony | 20 April 2021

School Head. Mrs F. Benzon's speech to the 2021 Servant Leaders

Kudzai Chiwara signed | 14 April 2021

Kudzai Chiwara, Class of 2020, has been signed by Principia PC_Thunderchickens Rugby in the USA

Thank you | 19 March 2021

Thank you to a Watershed Parent for the generous gift of a Steer