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Enrolment Office | 4 April 2014

Please may l kindly have parents for these children to come to the Enrolment Office to get forms for their children to complete them and leave them with me. eg Visiting list, Medical details form, Entry form and the Declaration form.

Chairman's welcome | 4 April 2014

It was with great pleasure that on 1 May 2010, I announced the new Head of WATERSHED COLLEGE.Due to the outgoing of the respected Headmaster of Watershed College - Dr J Bradshaw, the Governing Body of the College is seeking to appoint a new Head t

Gombora House | 4 April 2014

Greetings to our parents. I hope you are all in good health.

Sanotorium | 4 February 2011 "Sanotorium Department"

I continue to remind parents to update the San with the required medical details. I also would like to thank Mr Nderere for the donation of drugs and sundries he made to the San.