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The Winter's Tale

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Friday, April 12, 2019
The drama club staged a The Winter's Tale play on Tuesday the 9th of April 2019. It was an intriguing and hilarious play. We all laughed our hearts out. The cast got a chance to showcase their talents and many grew in self-confidence. The best actor of the day was Rudo Marere who featured as Autolycus the rogue and the most improved actor was Tawananyasha Duve who played the role of Leontes the King of Sicilia and husband to the chaste Hermione.
The cast was as follows: Leontes - T. Duve, Hermione - R. Magwindiri, Paulina - L. Molife, Camillo - T. Charumbira, Polixenes - C. Dingani, Son - A. Msimbo, Shepherd - P. Beta, Antigonus - P. Makoni, Mamillius - N. Chipunga, Lord - T. Matenga, Cleomenes - C.Mangoma,
Perdita - C. Tugwete, Florizel - C. Captain, Mopsa - Cathrine Simon, Dorcas - C. Kunaka,
Lady - K. Kunaka, Gentleman 2- Passionate Matanhire,
Time - Mazvita Chimukoko
Archidamus - K. Zvarivadza,
Attendant - S. Mahala, Mariner - C. Chiundura, Attendant - R. Muriritirwa, Dion - E. Chitsuwa,
Emilia - Charlene Simon.
We would like to commend everyone who took part in the play and made it a success. Next term we are off to the Reps Theatre to present the same play. Allied Arts Speech and Drama is also on next term. We wish you all a restful holiday. Thank you. Miss Kamanga & Miss Muswerakuenda (Drama Patrons)