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Procedures and fee payments for 2nd Term 2020

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Dear Parents,

Update on procedures and fee payments for 2nd Term 2020

Although, we have already started some forms of e-learning, since the Corona virus lock down, it is our intention to open the 2nd term on Wednesday 6th May with an e- learning platform with as many of our staff as possible, operating from the College campus, using its IT infrastructure and facilities.

However, there is still a possibility that some teaching staff will have to operate from home and they will need financing from the College to do so. We also need to put all prescribed measures in place to ensure that our staff are safe. This is an additional, unbudgeted cost, that also needs to be provided for.

Therefore, we are requesting that you start by paying 50% of 2nd term’s College fees on or before 6th May, 2020 as would normally be the case. As you know there are standard fixed costs that need to be paid, to keep the College running, whether the students are present or not. Salaries and wages being a case in point.

In order for students to access the e-learning platforms, they must be in possession of clearance forms from the Accounts Department so please ensure that you are in a position to receive a clearance form. Should you need to come to the College for any particular reason, please ensure that you follow all the precautions that have been instituted by the College to keep our community safe.

As we know, there are many uncertainties associated with the environment that we find ourselves in and many areas, especially the e-learning, are unchartered territories and we are bound to face some challenges. However, let us remain positive and play our part, in insuring that our children continue to be educated as the greatest cost that will result from this pandemic, if we don’t manage it, will be that of an ignorant generation.

June examinations and payments have been put forward to October/ November and will be managed accordingly.

Our Administration, Sanatorium and IT staff are all back this week, ready to deal with any queries or questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to contact them if need be. In this regard, effective communication, by all stakeholders, is key and we will be reporting to you, on a weekly basis, any updates from both ATS and the Ministry that will affect the College, moving forward.

In the meantime, keep safe and remember that, ultimately, it is in God we trust!

Yours sincerely

Mrs F. Benzon