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Owl Story - Kudzai Masamvu

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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Hi Guys!

My name is Kudzai Masamvu

CO-DIRECTOR , COO & FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR of RFC-Air school-ATO. An aviation/flying school in Rustenburg, North West province in RSA.

I’m an old Watershed College student from 2003-2005 (forms 1-3).

My interest in aviation started at a very young age. My dad used to travel a lot when he worked for the Parliament of Zimbabwe. We would go to the airport to drop him off and I would see these pilots dressed in their uniform and I would admire them from afar, until one day when one of my dad’s friends who happened to be a pilot for Air Zimbabwe at the time, invited me into the cockpit of one of their planes.

I was fascinated with all the buttons and switches and how these pilots would operate such a huge machine and fly it high up in the sky.

I moved to South Africa in 2005 and finished my high school here.

I enrolled at a local flying school at the age of 17 and began my journey. I would fly during holidays and by the time I had finished my Matric, I had already obtained my PPL (Private Pilot’s License).

I then went on to do my CPL (Commercial Pilot License) and also managed to get my instructors rating with ATPL.

The journey was tough and very tiring but through God’s grace I persevered and here I am today. There is still a lot that I still need to accomplish in my aviation career, but I’m here to tell you that anything is possible! If I can do it so can you!!!! Reach for the skies and the sky is actually not the limit!

I hope to hear and see more Watershed scholars becoming pilots or excelling in other careers at an international level.

Watershed has also produced other pilots who are also doing well in their various parts of the world, namely: Anesu Musakwa and Enos Mutyavaviri to mention a few. Coincidentally we were all in Chinyika boys.

May God continue to bless Watershed College and its students.