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Letter to Parents Ref 30/6

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020
Dear Parents and Guardians
Greetings once again, from the Head’s desk, as I advise of our intention to take a break from e-learning starting this Friday, 3rd July to Monday, 27th July 2020. This will enable us to give teaching staff a break in preparation to welcome back the examination classes to start lessons on Monday, 27th July 2020, with all the Corona virus precautions and regimes in place.
Once the examination students are back in school, they will remain here until they have finished writing their final examinations. In other words, there will be no break from Monday, 27 July.2020 until “term” ends on Thursday, 3rd December 2020. House parents will be back on Thursday, 23 July 2020 to prepare to receive examination students back into their hostels. 
As a College, we have now fulfilled all the requirements of both Ministry of Health and Ministry of Primary Secondary Education(MOPSE) regarding the opening of schools for examination classes. A more detailed schedule of times, allocations and requirements will be sent out a week before the students come back, but for the time being arrivals are scheduled as follows:
U6 and Form 4
Friday 24.07.20- Chinyika Boys and Girls.
Saturday 25.07.20- Gombora Boys and Girls.
Sunday 26.07.20-Nyakambiri Boys and Girls.
Monday 27.07.20- Day Scholars.
For planning purposes and subject to final confirmation:
L6 and Form 3
Friday 14.08.20- Chinyika Boys and Girls.
Saturday 15.08.20- Gombora Boys and Girls.
Sunday 16.08.20-Nyakambiri Boys and Girls.
Monday 17.08.20- Day Scholars.
Form 2
Friday 28.08.20- Chinyika Boys and Girls.
Saturday 29.08.20- Gombora Boys and Girls.
Sunday 30.08.20-Nyakambiri Boys and Girls.
Monday 31.08.20- Day Scholars.
Form 1
Friday 11.09.20- Chinyika Boys and Girls.
Saturday 12.09.20- Gombora Boys and Girls.
Sunday 13.09.20-Nyakambiri Boys and Girls.
Monday 14.09.20- Day Scholars.
Please note that before all returning students are allowed into the College, they must have a signed indemnity form and a clearance form from the Accounts Department.
Fees structure and payment
As mentioned earlier, you will receive, within the next week, a revised budget and College fees structure for the period May to August 2020, for your virtual approval.
Once that process has been completed, statements will be issued.
Payment will be required upon receipt of statement.
As always and in the interests of the Watershed community, I encourage you to communicate effectively any challenges you may have, using the correct channels.
Our administration team will be available during this “break” to assist you with any queries or requirements you may have.
Yours sincerely
Mrs F. Benzon