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Friday, December 18, 2020
Head’s report to Parents’ meeting, 3rd term, 2020
Good morning and welcome to our Chairman, Mr B Chivaviro, members of the Watershed College board, parents and staff:
For he guards the course of the just and protects the way of his faithful ones. Prov 3:8
And indeed, we thank God for His protection of the Watershed community in this season of Covid-19 and all its complications and compromises! Seven adult infections, all fully recovered and no student cases to date. In this regard, special mention of our two San sisters, members of the MOH Taskforce and Covid-19 policy creator and enforcer, Mrs H Bingepinge.
With the advent of Covid-19, came the adaption to e-learning and the use of IT and virtual platforms which we were forced to embrace sooner than anticipated. Our success in doing so, as a learning institution, was almost, entirely dependent on our IT department, headed by Mr B Mutama. 
We take this opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate these two, special teams! 
We had a seven month break from face-to face learning and I think one of the silver linings that emerged from this cloud, is an appreciation for each other, within this triangular relationship of parent, teacher and student. It has been a pleasure to have the students back and bye in large they have been well behaved and focused, so full credit to them. 
I cannot praise or thank our Board, staff and parents enough, for their support, commitment, hard work and perseverance under these trying conditions. It is due to these noble attributes that as an institution, we are in such a positive position. God bless you all!
Unfortunately, an attempt was made to undermine all this good, hard work through our share of negative social media reports, largely instigated by a few internal bodies, bent on discrediting the good name of the College as well as subverting its authorities and causing disunity amongst a united body, for their own selfish motives. However, we have the “V11’s”.
Our Enrolment stood at 512 students as of 1.10.20 and although, we lost a total of 12 students, it had a minimal effect on our student population, for which we are most grateful. We look forward to welcoming a form one intake of 94, for first term, 2021, as well as 20 post graduate SLA students into L6 and we have experienced the positive dynamics that they have brought to our student body. It is encouraging to note that we are full, across the forms, for the New Year. A blessing indeed. Although, a most welcome development, it brings with it additional pressure on our existing facilities and resources therefore, we will have to look at additional hostel space, classrooms and transport in the not too distant future.
On the staff side, we say farewell to the following teachers: Ms J Murembwe, Mr S Chikangaidze, Ms C Smit and Mr A. Ndabambi, whilst on the Administration side, our procurement officer, Mr Mugomo leaves to get married! We wish them well in their future endeavours and may God be with them until we meet again! We then welcome, on the teaching side, Ms. K. Kainga, Mr. W. Musavengana, Mr R Kamuto, Mrs J Tumbare, Ms L Mudonhi with Ms F Kaputa joining us as Assistant Counsellor. We wish them a long and fruitful association with Watershed College.
In order to increase our operational efficiencies and enhance our risk mitigation, we have re-introduced the posts of Admin and HR Assistant and Estate Manager, as of 1.01.21 and the incumbents will be Mrs M Mukatyei and Mr P Campher, respectively.
Unfortunately, this year, we I lost one of our security details, Mr E Ngara, who sadly succumbed to a long term illness. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.
We thank our parent body for facilitating an increase in staff remuneration despite the unfavourable economic climate. It has boosted staff morale and motivation and they are most appreciative.
You will see that the construction of the new Sports Pavilion is progressing slowly but surely, and is scheduled to be completed in Oct 2021, all things being equal. We thank the PA and Board Projects committee as well as Mr E. Temba and his team for all the hard work and dedication that has gone into this and the other various projects being undertaken around the College.
We are happy to report that we were able to secure a grant from the Beit Trust, to assist in the construction of the College Hall and we thank their Trustee, Mr David Long for his support in this area, and for Mr Mahachi for the architectural impressions.
Our farming operations continue to expand with improved resourcing and efficiencies and we see the benefits in an improved balance sheet and the Dining Hall. We take this opportunity to thank Mr C Mateyo and Mr G Bowker and their teams for their hard work and diligence.
We acknowledge and appreciate our donors, sponsors and service providers for their unwavering support in such an unstable and uncertain operating environment: Introwise, NT, Guard Alert, CABS, Prodairy, Mr T 35, HLF, SLA, Beit Trust to name just a few.
On the academic side, 66 IGCSE students and 59 A level students have written their public examinations and now await the results that will be released on the 11 th and 19 th Jan, 2021, respectively. We have managed to conduct internal examinations for all the remaining forms and you will be receiving your child’s reports within the next few days. From these internal assessments, we have identified gaps in student learning as a result of not being in the classroom and to mitigate against these negatives, we will be instituting a comprehensive remedial program, in the new year, details of which will be communicated to you later.
Although, there have been no sporting fixtures or events this term, our Sports department have been busy keeping the students fit so watch out all Watershed College sporting opponents, in the new year!
The following three U6 Students (Class of 2020) have been offered sporting scholarship for 2021:
1) Emmanuel Mazhuhwa - Kingswood College (SA) - Rugby
2) Tadiwa Matsikinyere - Rhodes University (SA) - Volleyball
3) Nigel Megison - Michigan State University (USA) - Soccer
We also thank our Sports Director, Mr N Muchochomi and his team for facilitating the above and taking the incoming student leaders on a team building exercise in the local environs. It was a great to see the students interacting with each other, in a different environment as well as the group and individual dynamics at play. All in all, a most enjoyable outing for those concerned.
We also thank and appreciate our Music Department ably led by Mr Mutandadzi for their preparation and conducting of the Christmas Carols service, with special mention of their wonderful and world class rendition of “Little Drummer Boy”, a sight and sound to behold. What talent we have amongst both our staff and pupils.
Our service clubs of Leo and Interact continue to conduct outreach programmes to the needy in the community demonstrating the generosity for which Watershed College is renowned as well as building a firm foundation for the spirit of giving amongst our students. They collected donations to give to the Cancer Association and prepared Christmas hampers instead of a Christmas party for the workers’ children.
The students continued with their devotions via the virtual platforms, within the hostel common rooms and we thank the house parents for facilitating this.
We also hosted Dr Danda who gave us a very interesting talk on Covid-19 and its prevention as well as Dave Martin’s team from Kukurama who advocate “safe spaces” for our children which we, as a College, fully endorse.
Despite Covid-19, we still maintained our four pillars of learning, although, in a virtual world!
We congratulate the following incoming servant leaders for 2021:
HEAD BOY: Sterbbylogy Gatsi
HEAD GIRL: Panashe Beta
BRAND AMBASSADOR: Jeffrey Murungweni
HEAD OF CHINYIKA BOYS: Tawananyasha Mwashita
HEAD OF GOMBORA GIRLS: Kutendeka Chinhema
HEAD OF DAY SCHOLARS: Paidamoyo Makamba.
Finally, a reminder of our ATS status, to contemplate on. over the holidays:
Each member school seeks to complement the work done in Government and other non-Government schools and co-operate wherever possible, yet retain its independence. These schools provide choice for parents, with every school being different, yet all committed to a holistic, balanced education.
Taken from ATS Handbook for Heads 2020.
May God bless and keep you until we meet again from Friday 8 th January,
onwards and we wish you a safe, happy and blessed Christmas with your family
and friends.
Mrs F Benzon