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Half Term Newsletter from the Head's Desk

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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Dear Parents,

Update on “half term” break, e-learning, preparations for re-opening and fees structure.

Firstly, greetings to our valued parents from the Head’s desk and all the teaching and administration staff as well as the workers of Watershed College, who are well and busy at work conducting e-learning, managing the finances and maintaining the College grounds and facilities in preparation for its reopening. We thank them all for their hard work and dedication in these hard times.

Secondly, we hope that we find the parent and student body well and safe in relation to this pandemic and the harsh economic environment that we are facing.

We highlight that this is a triangular relationship and it is somewhat disconcerting to operate without the other two sides. However, it is what it is and we will make the best of this difficult situation.

Herewith, some information for your consideration and in some instances, action:

“Half term” break

In view of the fact that Government has announced the first phase of school opening will be on 28.07.20 for exam classes, we are taking an extended “half term” break, this weekend, for all staff and students. Therefore, classes will end at 1.00pm on Wednesday 17.06.20 and resume again at 8.00am on Wednesday 24.06.20. We hope this will give everyone a much deserved break for relaxation and restoration.


As our learning has gone digital, our learners have, by default, become Digital Citizens. One of the most difficult concepts for young digital citizens to fully grasp is how their online actions can impact the digital reputations of others, and how the actions of others can impact their own digital reputations.

Let us set time aside as parents and guardians to talk about typical online scenarios, and how to avoid similar pitfalls in their own digital lives. Remind them and we repeat REMIND them that:

  • Digital citizens should respect the online reputations of others.
  • Posting information about others could compromise their own reputations and that of others.
  • They should be selective about their online friends and followers.

Learners’ safety and welfare is our core business as a College, therefore, let us partner to ensure adherence to ethical, safe and productive online learning.

Preparations for re-opening

I am happy to report that we have now “ticked all the boxes” in this regard, and will be ready to welcome back the U6 and Form 4 exam classes from Friday 24.07.20. Every student has their own individual allocation of when they will come into the College, their space in the hostel, Dining Hall and classrooms. Schedules showing these arrangements will be sent to you in the week beginning Monday 20.07.20.

A period of intense learning will follow, extending into the afternoon and evenings. One area of preparation that needs your co-operation, is in the practical subjects. Students must do all the planning they can, off

campus and be ready to execute their projects as soon as they return.

The examinations officer has sent out details regarding payment of Cambridge examination fees so please, can we take note of the deadlines.

It is our hope that our international students will be in a position to return by 28.07.20 but if they are not we will deal with them on a case by case basis so that, collectively, we come up with the best solution.

Sports Pavilion

We are pleased to advise that the foundations for the new Sports Pavilion have been dug and we should start construction this week. A reminder that the construction is being funded from the PA levies that are collected from parents, at the beginning of every term.

Fees structure and payment

We are busy working on a revised budget and College fees structure for the period May to August 2020, the finer details of which we will send you later, for your approval, digitally.

As mentioned earlier, the College has operating costs that need to be covered which have to be met by the payment of school fees from the parent body, as its only source of income. We therefore, thank those who have already met their obligations, in this regard and have communicated any challenges they have. However, unfortunately, there are still a large number of parents who have paid nothing to date or communicated their challenges. We are in the process of identifying such parents and will be taking the necessary action.

I wish you and your children a “restful and restorative” half term break from virtual learning and thank you for your collaboration in the process of educating our most precious resource, the next generation, for the cost of ignorance is high.

I also encourage you, as always, to communicate effectively any challenges you may have, using the correct channels, so that the Watershed body is built up rather than pulled down!

Yours sincerely

Mrs F. Benzon