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Thursday, June 11, 2020


Today we join the world in commemorating World Environment Day. This year’s theme centers on Biodiversity. The host country is Colombia. Here at Watershed College we are also raising our voices #ForNature.   The College puts nature at the heart of its key decision-making and calls for a healthier, more sustainable planet that works for everyone, everywhere. We have played our part in biodiversity conservation as an institution. The school deliberately preserved indigenous tree species when it was constructed and has since ensured their conservation. The club has added to the tree population by planting them around the campus grounds. 
The club engages students in environmental awareness campaigns such school wide litter picks, switching off of lights and other electrical appliances when not in use as well as turning off taps. Good environmental habits are being instilled in our community to ensure a sustainable future for our country and the world at large. The College as a whole has taken measures to ensure sustainability and a reduction of its carbon foot print. The Watershed Farm tobacco production is highly sustainable through use of renewable energy in the firing of the barns. The use of the diesel powered generator has been reduced to cut down on noise and air pollution. Of late promotion of online learning has gone a long way towards reducing printing and the associated environmental consequences. 
Mr. Maradzike
I/C Environmental Management Club