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Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Report on the allied arts festival 
The Eisteddfod is held by the National Allied Arts as a music festival open to students and adults from over the country. However, the greater percentage is from primary and high schools. 
Watershed College has always entered individuals and ensembles since 2004 with excellent results recorded. In 2019, Watershed College entered this festival and managed to produce mouthwatering performances throughout the festival both in the African and Western sections. There were no disqualifications or 3rd grade achievements. The following is a summary of the results: 
2 x 2nd grades (70% - 74%) This was in collaboration with Peterhouse Group of schools.
6 x 2nd grade plus (75% - 79%)
11 x 1st grade (80% - 84%)
6 x 1st grade plus (85% - 89%)
12 x Honors grade (90% - 100%)
A special mention to the different choirs which managed to scoop four Honors grades and the African Contemporary Cup. As a result of this, the contemporary choir got an invitation to perform at the 'Prestigious' NIAA high schools final concert which was held at the Harare International School. The concert is made up of a few selected best performances from the one month long festival.
Rutendo Magwindiri performed a Grade 6 vocal solo and did justice by obtaining an honors grade therefore qualifying to compete at the  vocal cup challenge. 
The junior marimba band managed to perform their traditional marimba piece claiming the Winad Trophy for the best traditional marimba ensemble. These guys left the crowd with goosebumps and automatic smiles as their performance lit the house on fire. 
Lerato Molife performed a mbira solo and got a first grade plus resulting in her being awarded the Ticha Muzavazi mbira award for the best senior schools mbira player.
Last but not least, the Watershed Senior Marimba band managed to bring back home the Kutinya marimba cup for the best marimba ensemble after a long struggle of missing it since 2013. This band gave the crowd the need to deserve a standing ovation and caused a whipping vibration as the crowd appreciated their performance. The adjudicators claimed to have “the same mark and the decision was unanimous” they said, proving how great the band performed. The senior marimba band fought the good fight and also earned themselves an invitation to perform at the Prestigious NIAA final concert.
In conclusion, it would not have been possible for the Watershed College Music department to achieve all this without the help of our teachers;  
 Mr  Chokera - The director of Music
Mrs Chokera , Mr Mutandadzi , Mr Chimanga, Mugwagwa , Mr Tozi and Miss Nzanga. 
Lerato Molife (Head of Music)