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The all-round education ensures that every student benefits as much as possible in the development of their skills.

Head’s report to Parents’ | 18 December 2020

Head’s report to Parents’ meeting, 3rd term, 2020

Christmas hampers | 18 December 2020

The Interact and Leo Christmas hampers to the Watershed College community children

Gombora Girls token of appreciation | 17 December 2020

In our journey of watching daily devotions as a hostel, one particular sermon stood out for us and we challenged ourselves to fulfill its objective.

The Watershed College Dairy | 17 December 2020

The Watershed College Dairy uses a Total Mixed Ration (TMR) feeding system. This optimises milk production.

Subject and class selection in preparation for Form 3 | 11 December 2020

The Form 2 students met with the Head and Deputy Head to discuss and make a number of important subject choices

Watershed Leo Club | 2 December 2020

Watershed Leo Club fundraised for the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe

Kurarama Project | 2 December 2020

Kurarama Project our developmental partner visited the school on the 25th of October and had healthy conversations with students on the following topics:

Interact Club visit to Children's home | 11 September 2020

An Interactor is a caregiver, influencer and world changer.

Donations to Bromley Primary School | 15 October 2020

The Leo and Interact clubs embarked on a fundraising campaign to raise PPEs for Bromley school

Wellness Presentation by Dr George Danda - Naturopath | 28 September 2020

Thank you to Dr George Danda, Watershed College Board member, on his presentation to the students on Sunday 26 September, 2020.